Save Britain Money Group (Swansea)


The Save Britain Money group dates back to the formation of Nationwide Energy Services (NES) by Neville Wilshire in 2005. The company had small offices in Killay, Swansea and employed 12 staff. The company was formed in response to the Welsh Government making grants available to householders to make energy efficiency improvements to their homes. Since then, it has grown into a £52million turnover business employing over 500 people.

Success Factor

An understanding from past experiences has shown that overreliance on one sector is dangerous and as a result, SBM is now active across multiple sectors including financial services, fuel switching, energy efficiency and telecoms. SBM has also been successfully leveraging the profile of the company and CEO to help facilitate entry into the B2B marketplace. Finally, the ability to organise multiple brands and companies is behind the common goal of saving people and now businesses money.

The Future

Anticipated growth in the energy efficiency side of the business has not been realised. This was due to a lack lustre launch of the Government’s flagship Green Deal scheme and the limited scope of the government ECO scheme. This has meant major frustrations for homeowners unable to improve the efficiency of their homes and a substantial contraction in the energy efficiency industry. While many left the industry, Save Britain Money looked for other ways to help householders combat rising fuel bills. Energy switching was an obvious choice and SBM are now well on their way to building the UK’s largest field sales team. The aim of these ‘Money Saving Champions’ is to visit homes and identify the best value gas and electric tariffs for customers, typically saving over £200 per visit. SBM also has exciting plans to position its B2B products and services into a singular offering known as Save Britain Money: The Business Champion. Visiting a business to discuss a product will give direct access to pitch a full suite of business products from energy supplier to vehicle tracking from pension solutions to telecoms systems. Other plans include the expansion of the doorstep fuel switching service via 1,000 field-switching agents. SBM continues to streamline and refine its energy efficiency products so that it will able to respond quickly to changes in government energy policies. The firm anticipate a an expansion of grant support for energy measures over the next 12 months and as one the few large players left in this industry, it will be well placed to respond. Finally, SBM Financial Solutions will see the largest growth over the coming year as new clients are added to renewal business from the first year of trading, to deliver strong profits for the group.