M7 Managed Services (Cardiff)


In May 2007, there were only a handful of companies offering a fully hosted, managed service where IT costs could be spread monthly in an Opex model and the directors saw an opportunity to build a sustainable business. As pioneers for using virtual technologies to deliver lower cost IT services, M7’s early challenges were convincing IT managers and finance directors that this was really achievable, during a time when many customers were concerned about increasing risk to their business. Nowadays, this model is taken for granted and many customers are using virtualised cloud services to deliver parts of their IT application sets. However, as with many other industries where a low capital investment reduces the barrier to entry, the market has become crowded with price becoming the prevailing factor. This will change over the next three years as margins and the need to continue to re-invest in skills and technology will drive many new entrants out of the market, leaving many customers devoid of both a service and the knowledge to maximise the technology advantages that partnering with the right managed service provider brings.

Success Factor

M7’s success continues to come from working in collaboration with major IT vendors such as IBM and Infor, showing a commitment to invest in the relationships and the capabilities to deliver solutions, in partnership with their sales teams. Investment in new technologies that also ensure M7 can offer cost effective, high quality IT Managed Services and cloud solutions for both customers and software partners. These investments include SoftLayer, Autotask, N-able, and the SharePoint QMS that underpins its ISO9001 and CompTIA Trustmarque Quality Certifications. Finally. investment in people, their education and skills, whilst developing a network of trusted consultants that expand’s the firm’s reach and knowledge. This provides a flexibility of approach that benefits customers and partners. As an IBM Premier Partner, M7’s staff hold numerous IBM certifications along with those from VMware, Microsoft and Cisco.

The Future

Over the next few years, M7 will increase partnerships with companies that value its expertise and experience in managed services and cloud computing. It will also expand its export coverage through partnering with UK based Software Vendors selling to international markets. Finally, it will continue to add value to major vendors such as IBM, Lenovo and Infor as they look for enterprise solution design, project management and support capabilities to address their customers’ requirements