Electro Main was established by Nathan Williams in 2003 after gaining a wealth of experience in the electrical industry. In setting up the business, he aimed to achieve a steady but growing business that would provide clients with a professional high quality service carried out by a team of fully trained electricians and plumbers who were eager to continue developing their skills to keep pace with changing technology. His company has faced many major challenges during the early years. As with all new businesses, it was faced with the biggest challenge of cashflow that was overcome by working hard to create a stable trading relationship. Teamwork was a massive aid to the company in the first three years and the team worked harder and longer even though times were very hard and without their help there would be a possibility that the firm would not be trading now.

Success Factor

Electro Main’s loyal customers and clients are the main reason it has been able to be this successful. The customer base is encouraged to give feedback so that the firm can continue to provide a quality service within all aspects of its business. From apprentice to director level, there is a commitment to listening and learning from the positive and negative comments and adapting to requests. The last thing that customers need is to feel a lack of confidence when it comes to dealing with an emergency, which is why Electro Main has implemented a transparent service schedule throughout the business and this has proved to be key component to its recent success. This transparency includes everything from training to accreditations and parts and labour. This contrasts to the policies of some competitors who were visiting emergencies when they needn’t have engaged in a call out and thus charging the customer. Electro Main is also lucky to have such a keen, skilled and experienced group of individuals who will do whatever they can to get the job done. They are committed to working as an effective team and this is mirrored in the firm’s envied work and they make Electro Main the only choice for new and existing customers.

The Future

After securing business for the next five years, Electro Main now has a platform to transform the business once again. As it is heavily involved in projects throughout South Wales, its main aim is to open a further two branches in order to cater for its rapidly expanding customer base. This success has allowed the firm to welcome new skills into the business and this continued investment in people will benefit customers and the industry as a whole. Electro Main has some very ambitious targets over the next five years and will be looking to future proof the business by creating a sustainable business model. Its new training facilities mean that it can supply in-house training to all staff and the firm is keen to offer an external training programme and will be looking to work with some local colleges to offer apprenticeships and a conduit between training and full qualification. Electro-Main is also embracing embrace technologies that will assist it in becoming a more efficient and effective organisation and enable it to become a greener business.