TPS 360 (Caerphilly)


Starting the business was a long standing ambition built on the belief that providing good service to create repeat work would be the foundation for building a successful business. During the first years, the diverse skills and knowledge required to run a small business proved a major challenge along with the energy and time commitment to establish the company into a reputable and trusted organisation. However, the business was successful in obtaining new works and delivering them well which led to fast growth. Whilst celebrating this achievement, it brought many challenges which needed to be overcome such as moving to larger premises, investment in vehicles and equipment, recruitment, training and management of new staff as well as the massive challenge of cash flow management.

Success Factor

The right attitude has been paramount to the growth of the business, providing good service and trying to add value to all its works at every opportunity. TPS 360 likes to think they go the extra mile and it is rewarding when they get client feedback to support this particularly, when it praising staff for delivering on behalf of the company. Training and development has played a massive part in the growth of the company taking staff through FeRFA accredited apprenticeship schemes as well as short courses and other development activities for all staff across the business.

The Future

Whilst the business has diversified over the early years, it has focussed mainly on resin flooring. Its staff training and development programme will be taken forward under the Investors In People framework to ensure that staff are developed to the highest levels. Simply attracting new clients and winning orders mean nothing unless the firm can deliver the right quality and level of service to ensure clients are retained to support further growth. The introduction of a management team to take care of the day-to-day running of the company will help the directors to focus on the strategic elements of the business and developing the brand further across the UK. Ultimately, TPS360 has the ambition to be the best resin flooring installer in the UK and is committed to developing the right people to achieve this.