Complete Background Screening (Pontypridd)


The business was conceived when managing Ddirector Rachel Bedgood saw there was a wealth of information ‘behind closed doors’. She followed strenuous protocols to establish CBS as a registered provider and became one of only a few companies offering multiple vetting services. As the business expanded, the next step was to reach the international market that led to an exhaustive programme of internet marketing, which has delivered a significant volume of business from all corners of the world. Like every start-up business, CBS began life with a shortage of money, staff, contacts and systems. So after passing the first hurdles of gaining access to databases and developing a delivery process, Rachel turned her attention to marketing the business. As she recalls, “There was very little awareness of background screening. We’d seen how inadequate checks were putting entire companies and livelihoods at risk, but we still had the challenge of convincing potential customers that a simple check could be the ultimate stitch in time. It took a while to figure out the most effective messages.” At the same time, Rachel was wrestling with corporate image. As a small company, trading from a converted retail outlet in RCT, she was keen to show that they could cope with high levels of demand.

Success Factor

With nearly ten years’ experience, CBS has established itself as a registered provider by the DBS (formerly the CRB) as a company that delivers a top quality and industry leading service. Its close-knit team is always fully up to date with all areas of the vetting industry, continually reviewing practices to keep up with the ever-changing market and legislative requirements. The firm offers a wide range of screening solutions from international criminal checks to security screening and FSA vetting, providing its services to the UK and international markets

The Future

CBS has grown rapidly over the last two years and continues to grow on a monthly basis, which has been due to the software management systems it implements and the hard work and dedication of the team. 2013 has proved to be another record year with turnover expected to exceed £3m and the plans and dedication to the future of the company will see turnover and profits multiply within the next two years.