Wynnstay Group PLC


Wynnstay was founded in 1918 by tenant farmers of the local Wynnstay estate and was formally constituted as a farmers' co-operative shortly afterwards. Over the succeeding decades, the organisation steadily grew. A series of acquisitions during the last 15 years has expanded Wynnstay's trading area to primarily include all of Wales, the North West, Yorkshire and most of the Midlands. The business is now regarded as a major player in the UK agricultural sector and remains positive about continuing growth within the industry.

Success Factor

In 1992, Wynnstay converted from a co-operative to a Public Limited Company in order to secure the company's long-term future enabling the business to access alternative sources of capital for long-term investment. More recently, in 2004, the Group was admitted to the AIM section of the London Stock Exchange where shares can be traded easily and company performance monitored by investors. Despite this change of status, around 50% of the Company's shares are owned by local farmers, the remaining being outside investors and staff. Employees are encouraged participate on share ownership schemes as an opportunity to share in the success of the business; this is regarded as an important aspect of the continuing development of the Group.

The Future

Wynnstay is positive about its growth prospects, which are supported by its robust balance sheet and the broad range of activities. Increasing World population and long-term global macro-economic trends play in favour of UK agriculture and the Group is well positioned to continue expanding both organically and through additional complementary acquisitions.