Syncro Motor Factors


The company directors, having both worked in the trade since leaving school, had always dreamed of owning a motor actor that was run proficiently and that focused on premium customer service. In 2007, they saw the opportunity and grasped it. Putting all their experience to good use, and also learning how to run a business in the process, the company flourished and two years later moved to a larger more prominent site. Learning about various planning requirements, health and safety, how to prepare for VAT and various other legislation issues were among the challenges faced in the companies infancy, together with understanding the varying patterns experienced when dealing with credit accounts. However, these did not prove to be drastically problematic, and every business will go through a learning curve.

Success Factor

The business has achieved good growth due to many factors. Some of the more key points would include the reinvestment into stocks to allow the firm to have the parts “on the shelf”, the research and development of its stock profile to ensure it has the right parts on the shelf from a quality supplier at the right price. It is constantly trying to attain the highest level of customer service possible, where logistics, accounting, accurate parts lookup and telesales are some of the key areas to watch for.

The Future

Syncro Motor Factors is focusing on the future, and is presently strengthening its foundations with a view to investing in a much larger stock profile, together with introducing new lines and ranges. It recently acquired additional stores and has plans for a structured expansion and growth programme.