Stately-Albion Ltd


Stately-Albion grew out of a company called Premier Caravans, situated near Bristol, which produced holiday homes, mobile homes and touring caravans. In 1963, that company was sold to Bluebird who discontinued production of the Premier range. In that same year, four of the men who had worked on the shop floor at Premier rented a farm building a few miles away and constructed a 30ft mobile home and a new company was formed, called Stately Caravans – which quickly won many orders. In 1969, the company moved to a new development at The Prince of Wales Industrial Estate, Abercarn, South Wales. Over the years the type of product manufactured by the Company has moved away from the ‘caravan’ image, to the fully furnished, centrally heated range of ‘bungalows’, which are produced today. Each of the range of homes embodies features to give the same self-contained comforts as traditional housing, but capable of easy relocation. In the 1970s the Company changed the name of Stately Caravans to Stately-Albion, to reflect their increasing involvement in exporting homes to Europe at that time. The recession of the early 90s affected the entire industry. That Stately not only survived, but actually grew, is a testament to the dedication of the management and employees.

Success Factor

House sales in the UK during 2007 and 2008 basically came to a halt, which had an adverse effect on this business but since 2009, the housing market has improved. The business is closely linked to the housing market i.e. people sell their bricks and mortar home and buy a park home for the life style it offers – a detached dwelling sited on a plot on a secure park, surrounded by like-minded residents. The company has ensured that its product is promoted throughout the UK by attending as many trade shows, exhibitions and customer Open Weekends as is practically possible. It has also allowed extended credit terms to some customers to allow them to promote and sell the firm’s product.

The Future

To remain at the forefront in its sector by ensuring the company is innovative within its market area and offering a quality product.