Glyndwr Innovations


The motivation for Glyndŵr Innovations is to develop an entrepreneurial Unit within the University to commercialise relevant opportunities and to develop a focus on industry led, knowledge based training and consultancy services, to meet the economic development needs of the North Wales Region. The major challenges have been having to deal with the downturn of economic conditions caused by the recession since 2007 and the restriction on funding by governing bodies and lending for businesses both SME’s and larger organisations. Public sector cutbacks reducing available budgets have also had a major impact.

Success Factor

Glyndwr Innovations provides a highly professional and proactive consultancy service which promotes value for money. It also invests in people by recruiting and retaining a team of entrepreneurial individuals who think creatively and possess drive and enthusiasm to promote industry led activity. Finally, by focusing predominately on creative, knowledge based solutions to develop innovative new products, it ensures the delivery of relevant market led solutions keeping up with the ever changing world of knowledge and new technology.

The Future

Glyndŵr Innovations will work to expand the already establish Advanced Composite Training and Development Centre. A £2m centre which was established as a result of a ground breaking partnership between Glyndŵr University, Airbus, Deeside College and the Welsh Government. Glyndŵr Innovations will develop an integrated centre to compliment this and which will address the fundamental barriers to business growth in the global economy. The uncertainty around new technology and its implementation leads to difficulties in recruitment and finding new employees with the right skills for the high value manufacturing sector. However, Glyndŵr Innovations will expand the centre and work with organisations to address the serious shortage of skills at all levels from apprenticeship through to graduate engineers and rationalise the sector's approach to maintaining and developing the sector sufficiently to compete in the global market. It will also enable it to create an effective partnership between industry and Higher Education, present a focal point to create “the right environment for business to grow and flourish providing network infrastructure, developing skills, healthy workplaces and supporting research and development”. More importantly, it will improve access to finance, facilities and research which enable the development of innovative competitive products and strengthen the supply chain within a specific region to build an internationally renowned manufacturing community.