The motivation for starting the business was a clear passion to create value for money within the beauty industry. Both company founders worked a combined total of 15 years in the industry and had become frustrated with the emphasis on high profile, high cost advertising campaigns being paid for with ever increasing price tags on the products. A new beauty brand was launched in the U.S.A in 2004 and this brand became the catalyst the directors required to realize the dream of offering quality beauty products at an affordable price. In 2007, Distribeauty UK opened its first Ecommerce website. Immediately, it was obvious that their passion was also shared by thousands of others around the UK as sales and interest via social media and press increased with each day. The first three years presented a wide selection of challenges. However, encouraging existing staff to learn and develop skills throughout all aspects of the company, from website design through to forecasting stock purchases and marketing, has been a major challenge to avoid spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on more traditional methods and therefore maintain the passion to create value for money.

Success Factor

The company offers quality beauty products at an affordable price which has given it a wider target audience, especially in the current economic climate as customers search for value for money. It has also limited marketing costs by utilizing social media platforms to interact with customers i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Finally, engaging with its customers on these platforms has proved a more personalised service online as one would be offered in attending a retail store. By engaging in this way, customers are asked what they want and what they want to see i.e. promotions they would prefer at any given time, blogs on products, advice on what products are best for them. Distribeauty believes this is its utmost competitive advantage and prides itself ourselves on good and responsive interaction with customers.

The Future

There will be opportunities for Distribeauty to widen its market by social media and building new social platforms for followers to interact and give a more personal experience to individual shoppers. Since Distribeauty started in December 2006, it has attracted over 1,400,000 followers across all of its social platforms, enabling it to cross-pollinate marketing strategies across them all. The realization of the power that social media has enabled Distribeauty’s fast growth resulting in a new website build and integration of a new financial and warehouse package by the end of 2012. The strategy for the next five years is to obtain and launch a new brand each year, market and sell products to all European Countries, utilizing all social media platforms. It also aims to branch into other retail revenue streams, i.e. mobile and iPad applications, Distribeauty home parties, pop up shops, retail stores. By attaining this target every year, this will increase the company’s overall brand portfolio, increase customer base and develop in-house skill sets either by internal training or external hiring.