Having built an established career within the tracing industry, Mike Trezise saw a significant gap in the market for a specialist tracing company that could provide vital information to help locate individuals. Tracesmart began from humble beginnings with a small team of tracers. The company faced many initial challenges - namely accessing large amounts of data that could be called upon from an online tracing site. The company’s initial strategy was to be self-reliant, directly purchasing the data themselves rather than relying on third party suppliers. The company’s success also relied upon hiring the right individuals who could add valuable knowledge and drive the business forward. Ten years on and operating from brand new office accommodation in Cardiff Bay, those employees continue to make a vital contribution to the company’s success. Their expertise and commitment to the business has enabled Tracesmart to build its service offering and extend staff numbers, allowing the business to maintain a competitive edge.

Success Factor

The firm’s rapid growth has stemmed from clearly identifying who they are and what they believe in, thus building a strong brand and reputation. Tracesmart continually strives to keep up-to-date with changes in trends, technologies and lifestyles to enable the firm to deliver services that provide real benefits. Collaboration is also strong and progression comes from forming strong relationships with other organisations. Together, organisations can learn, inspire and share new ideas and ways of working. Finally, the security and confidentiality of information is of utmost importance to the company. Tracesmart aims to meet the highest standards of data security and have recently gained the highly valued ISO 27001 accreditation.

The Future

Tracesmart will strive to enhance customer service and forge stronger relationships with clients in order to develop products which offer real benefits. It also plans to expand its service offering, whilst improving the services to ensure they continue to add value and remain two steps ahead of the competition. In order to reach this, a management team has been that will ensure that staff receives the training and development they need in order to enhance expertise and enjoy real job satisfaction. Sharing a passion for innovation, rewarding staff for their commitment and investing in new technology will lead to further progression.