South Wales Contractors Ltd (Bridgend)


South Wales Contractors was founded by John Reape in 2002 after he had previously worked for his father, who also had his own civil engineering company. John had gained considerable experience in the industry and wanted to set up on his own. In terms of the main challenges faced in starting the business, finding clients was the main problem. The business worked hard to establish itself in the local area and grew from there. Another challenge was finding people who could be relied on to work on contracts. It also received little financial support to start off with from any bank and had to grow the business incrementally based on its own retained earnings.

Success Factor

As a small construction business, South Wales Contractors has been grown in recent years by being flexible and reliable. The motto of the company is to give people what they want, when they want it, straight away. This has enabled the company to grow substantially over the last few years.

The Future

In the immediate future, the growth opportunities for the company remain in South Wales and they are currently not looking to expand outside of the region. Growing too big is not an aim for the founder, John Reape, who wants to keep the business small and flexible so it can respond to the needs of its customers.