For Sequence, perhaps relatively uniquely, the challenge was focused on embracing a new concept, the Web. In 1995 it was really just emerging and with it came a market a range of niche opportunities which provided the motivation for starting the business. However as market was just emerging, the tools and technologies involved in delivering projects were at the bleeding edge and it was a constant effort to stay on top of such a rapidly evolving landscape where ‘new’ technologies quickly became obsolete. The business recognised that the web was the future but also realised that it would take time to really take off, so revenues were bolstered with other services until the revenues from the web work sustained the business fully. Sixteen years on and the digital landscape is still constantly moving and updating, but Sequence is made up of a team of incredibly talented and passionate people who care about staying on top of the latest developments and who are always striving to be ahead of the market.

Success Factor

The first is a shared management appetite to push boundaries, get better and grow the business. Secondly, Sequence has a very strong desire to work on bigger, exciting and challenging projects and is always developing its talents and knowledge to make sure it can continue to win interesting work. Finally, an ability to punch above one’s weight –Sequence is confident in its skills and abilities so it is not put off competing with the ‘big boys’

The Future

To continue the growth organically and build on its success outside London/ regionally. Sequence is a great company made up of brilliant people doing fantastic things and is proud of the work that it does and plans to continue doing it for many years to come.