Professional Driver Services Ltd


The initial motivation was to deliver the National Driver Improvement Scheme (part of NDORS) to South Wales Police after the local authority that held the previous contract decided not to tender again. PDS was formed specifically to deliver this service to South Wales Police as the founders believed that the service could be run by a private company in a more efficient and cost effective manner whilst also improving on the road safety results.

Success Factor

The identification and exploitation of the e-commerce opportunity in the NDORS industry –provided PDS with the spring board it needed to compete with the large and well established companies in its industry. Without this success, PDS rapid growth would not have been possible. In addition, the acquisition of highly motivated and dedicated staff members has been the foundations of the company have been built. PDS has been very fortunate to have had extremely motivated staff members who have adopted the directors’ philosophy of outstanding customer service and service delivery. Without its conscientious and dedicated staff, PDS would have been unable to build upon the foundations put in place by its Directors.

The Future

PDS will further consolidate itself in the NDORS industry aiming to saturate the contracts available throughout Wales with its presence next to all of Wales’ Police Authorities. It will grow and expand its activities in the private sector driver training industry throughout south Wales and the west of England and promote the software packages (Fleet Monitor, Driver Assessor, Driver Mentor) designed to assist organisations meeting their Health and Safety obligations in a cost effective but comprehensive manner. It will also create and grow a self sufficient branch of the business tasked with Software Development on new projects and the complete control of support and maintenance of its existing software packages. For the new business - LCB Construction – it aims to establish it as a reputable and well known brand throughout south Wales, encourage and facilitate growth by utilising the companies experience in public sector procurement processes, and challenging existing property maintenance companies operating in the industry through exceptional customer service delivery that is recognised by customers as value for money.