n-ergy group ltd


The owner and Managing Director of n-ergy group, Donna Turner-Kot, was born and educated in industrial South Wales and has 25 years’ experience in training and workforce development. She was central to the development of a number of successful UK firms in the sector before launching n-ergy group ltd as a small start-up firm with an ambitious portfolio in Llantrisant, South Wales in 2007. The firm was launched with just four people and a handful of contacts, just as the economic meltdown began. With a business plan, a £50,000 overdraft, a little savings, a £100,000 contract and an agreement from two Welsh prisons ‘to give her a chance’, Donna established n-ergy group with help from her friends, one of whom is now the Finance Director. Her motivations for starting the business were having a strong desire to help ex-offenders rehabilitate as she had dealings with this client group in previous positions; a frustration with the Criminal Justice System for failing this group and a yearning to start her own business to answer the needs of this group more effectively.

Success Factor

The innovation and speed of response has enabled the business to deliver contractual results which directly contribute to offender re-form. Skills and employment enable people to become active in their local communities on release. The services start with vocational programmes, progress on to the delivery of employability support then on to securing employment. Through gaining relevant vocational qualifications and employability skills, offenders become more attractive to employers, enabling them to secure a sustainable job and not re-offend. n-ergy also works strategically with one of the private organisations who manage prisons across England and Wales ensuring that its activities dove tail their strategic and operational plans, delivering results that contribute to their overall effectiveness for skills and rehabilitation. Finally, delivering what is promised to stakeholders and most importantly the offender and ex-offender clients, has earned n-ergy group a reputation of being a smart, progressive business. This paves the way for securing sub-contracts in the adverse public sector procurement environment in which n-ergy group work to support one of the hardest to reach groups.

The Future

To support the continued growth, n-ergy will do more of the same, ensuring that its results, reputation and client base continues to grow. It will recruit additional ex-offenders to deliver its services, continue to re-invest the majority of its profit to aid growth and expand its vocational offering further support current and additional clients.