Jones Bros


Jones Bros was founded in the 1950s and has grown to become one of the UK’s leading civil engineering firms.

Success Factor

A decision was made to have renewals one of its niche areas of expertise. The company is growing its reputation at the forefront of renewable energy projects. It is currently working on several major windfarm developments across the UK with a number in the pipeline. Following several wind farm contract wins north of the border, the company has opened a new office in Linlithgow and have just launched another new base in Inverness. In the past 12 months, Jones Bros has also opened a new office in Swansea to enable the firm to build contacts and secure new contracts in south Wales and south west England.

The Future

The aim is to continue to develop Jones Bros as a UK-wide company as we are already successfully competing with bigger household name companies to win major contracts, particularly in the renewables sector. It wants to continue to create jobs and opportunities across Wales and the UK and is passionate about the need to create opportunities for young people and provide apprenticeships as that is how many of its workforce started out. It has continued with apprenticeship schemes through recessions as well as good times, to ensure that it maintains a home-grown skilled workforce. Jones Bros believe that opportunities must be there to ensure that the next generation of engineers and construction workers receive quality training and have the chance to undertake apprenticeships. It is also now focusing on providing services to the wider energy industry, including nuclear, gas and coal.