Go Compare.com


The objective behind starting Gocompare.com was to create a comparison service for UK consumers unlike any other available at the time. It was to be a strongly differentiated and innovative proposition that would lead change in the UK comparison industry. The aim was also to improve the online experience for shoppers so that they in turn would expect more from online comparison. The solution was to build a site that would allow online shoppers to compare financial products on the basis of product features as well as on price. The major challenge that the team faced in the first few years was to build the Gocompare.com brand. At the time of launch, two companies dominated the market, and with many more looking to enter the marketplace, Gocompare.com had to differentiate itself from the competition. The team knew that the only way to really challenge the existing model was to become a household name with a respected brand and outstanding proposition. Once achieved, competitors would have no choice but to follow gocompare’s lead.

Success Factor

Gocompare.com’s rapid growth can be attributed to three key ingredients. First of all is putting the customer at the heart of the business. The model is all about helping customers to find the right policy at the right price quickly and easily and it is this philosophy that runs throughout the business and ensures that they are working to provide the best possible service for consumers. Secondly, significant marketing investment has helped the company to build a leading brand in the marketplace. When the business was launched, the plan was to invest to build the Gocompare brand and the rapid expansion owes a lot to this decision and the subsequent success of the marketing campaigns. Finally, providing a comprehensive comparison service: Gocompare.com was the first company to compare over 100 car insurers and the aim is to offer the broadest and deepest panel of insurers and product providers as possible so that the business can help everyone get a great deal on their financial products.

The Future

Gocompare.com will continue to grow its market share within the comparison sector through increased brand awareness. It will continue to invest in its brand strategy with the aim of putting Gocompare.com to the top of the consumer’s consideration list and drive traffic directly to the www.gocompare.com website. It will also continue to champion the benefits comparison sites bring to consumers by working with the media, industry bodies and consumer organisations. Since launching the car insurance comparison service in November 2006, Gocompare.com has introduced a home, van, motorbike, breakdown, travel and pet insurance comparison service. We will continue to grow our portfolio of products, as well as increasing the number of insurance and product partners we have available via our panel. Finally, as a consumer-driven company, Go.compare.com always strives to improve the process of purchasing insurance and other products and is constantly evolving the website to make it as easy as possible for customers to make an informed choice about their product purchases.