Net Support UK


MD Giles Phelps, who previously worked for a CAD systems company saw the changes in the marketplace as the cost of hardware was falling and margins were becoming tighter. However, the need for consultancy and outsourced expertise were still important and were being required by larger companies within the SME market across the UK. Due to working with CAD products, he was able to gain a few customers quickly in the construction and architectural fields – some of which are still customers today.

Our main challenges when starting the business

The company was often faced with the comment that it was probably too small for some corporate organisations which made it difficult to expand and invest to start with. It was also difficult to get known and to portray its USP’s above other small IT companies.

Success Factor

Understanding of customers business needs is one of the key factors because the company looks at technology to improve how they do business without disrupting the business functionality. There are some technically fantastic solutions available but if a client has to rethink how their staff do their jobs in order to use it, it’s never going to be successful in that business. One of NSUK’s mantras is ‘challenge current thinking’ and staff don’t like to sit still or accept the first answer– especially if it’s ‘no.’ It does a lot of in-house R&D on equipment before offering it as a client solution so it understands the technologies inside-out and how things can be done differently to achieve the client’s needs. Finally, the company has always invested in its own infrastructure to ‘future proof’ what it does. To that end, it has been hosting servers for clients for a number of years –it has only been in the past few years that journalists have named this ‘cloud computing’. By investing upfront in technologies such as virtualisation and network management systems, even smaller clients have benefitted by being able to access cost-saving technologies and move from capital expenditure into operational expenditure.

The Future

NSUK is part of the Tewdric group all owned by MD, Giles Phelps. The businesses have been set up as separate units to enable them to develop and mature at their own rate whilst Tewdric PLC can provide structural and financial support that a young business requires. Net Support’s role also provides a crucial link to bring many of the technologies together as it can supply the knowledge and expertise as well as a hosting platform. The plan for the next five years is to continue growing the business organically by training existing staff further and employing new recruits with other skills required in IT. The business will continue to invest time and money in new technologies.