Incorporated in 2001 by managing director Alex Rodda, Trackyou launched its range of vehicle tracking products to the commercial market. Previously, Alex had been involved in the mobile phone industry in a variety of roles but the potential for GPRS based tracking systems was very clear to see. The chance to be able to offer the business community a total in-house managed service was a key motivating factor in starting the company and Trackyou focused on persuading companies who had previously been used to using SMS based systems to upgrade to a newer, more advanced system where data costs were included rather than billed as used. With a wide range of business contacts in place, the main challenge over the first few years was building a solid client base. In addition, the pace of change in terms of developments to the system was very rapid and the company quickly realised that their product range would be developed by the needs of their client base. Indeed, this ability to listen to the client to form effective solutions remains a core element of Trackyou’s success to this day.

Success Factor

Trackyou’s ability to provide bespoke or tailored functionality has been a cornerstone of the company’s expansion and growth. There are many re-sellers of tracking devices in the UK, but when bespoke functionality is required, these companies cannot deliver in the way that Trackyou can. Secondly, Trackyou have focussed very heavily on the public sector market in the past 18 months and has secured around £2.8 million pounds of contracts with Welsh bodies during this time, including major vehicle tracking contracts with local authorities such City and County of Swansea and Wrexham County Borough Council. Setting up a Public Sector User Group has also assisted Trackyou in ‘cracking’ the public sector market in Wales, which can be a difficult market to operate in. The company has also invested considerably internally within the business.

The Future

Trackyou have ambitious yet realistic targets for the next three years. With an excellent reputation in both private and public sector, Trackyou will seek to build on this by offering a re-seller / sales agency channel for the first time. By splitting the UK into regions, Trackyou seek to have a greater local presence whilst keeping key elements such as commercial tendering as an in-house function at HQ in Wrexham. As a logical progression from this plan, Trackyou are also planning to launch their web based systems to the European market by making the most of their Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Glyndwr University to implement a range of different language options into the product. The aim is to take the company turnover to the £10 million mark over the next five years –an excellent regional based sales channel, strong European presence and success in commercial tendering in the public sector can drive us towards such a target.