Total Trade Group


The business was started with a view to providing a one stop shop for domestic trade services, and progressed into the current form specialising in heating and plumbing. Later acquisition allowed the company to bring insulation into the fold as a further domestic installations service.

Success Factor

The company has been well placed to quickly identify avenues of growth within the industry and to strategically place itself in the right place at the right time. In the opinion of the founders, opportunities arise when the firm gets a reputation for delivering a quality finished product, is in the right place and has the people to deliver it. Total Trade has a very strong commercial team who have developed excellent relationships and awareness of what the business can deliver, back that up with the skill and ability to deliver a quality job, at a competitive rate, provided, supervised and managed by the right people. People are the company’s biggest asset and its field force delivers an excellent end result whilst the senior management team’s determination, hard work and commitment have helped get the company where it is today. Total Trade has worked with an extremely innovative training organisation which has taken a very non standard approach to training its people.

The Future

Consolidation is the main aim of Total Trade in the near future. It has achieved rapid growth into 2008, with the acquisition of three further companies within the group, significantly extending its trade and geographical coverage. The intention is to now build on the fantastic skills that it has acquired, to continue with consistent growth but in a way that allows the business to look at internal efficiencies and customer care. The founders wish to look beyond the current schemes the company is working on, look at how it can influence the industry and increase service and maintenance provision in all the areas it operates in, together with continuing desire to be the best by making sure each and every employee not only shares the values and beliefs of the company, but epitomises those values and beliefs in their actions each and every day.