Recruit 121


ERP solutions grew rapidly from the development of the ‘Client - Server’ Architecture. Enterprise wide applications that utilised this technology step were being implemented throughout the business community in the late nineties, and into the new millennium. SAP was the pioneer in the ERP market and remains the largest business ERP software provider. As the founders’ previous company was one of Europe’s first specialist SAP recruitment companies, continuing to grow and offer services within this specialisation seemed a logical path. Un-employment at the time was at a 25 year low, which is a good indicator for the recruitment industry.

Success Factor

Recruit 121 has a great team to work with in an open and honest environment which readily accommodates change. The company tries to anticipate change (whether it be internally or externally) so that it is proactive rather than reactive. Based on experience, a team response to change is critical to effective business processes both on day to day functioning and in the long term. As a service organisation, the company believes that any process, action or directive needs to start from looking at how it impacts quality of service and work backwards. Nothing is more important.

The Future

Recruit 121 has an international footprint with five offices (Cardiff, Amsterdam, Portugal, San Diego & Chicago) and one possible area for further growth would be to expand into the Asia Pacific region. During the recession, a company is forced to look critically at all possible weaknesses and threats and whilst specialisation carries a lot of advantages, Recruit 121 needs to look a little more openly to ideas that can mitigate these. However, the firm is weathering the storm, capturing a greater market share, and preparing effectively for the upturn.