Readers Ventilation Services


The founder established the business in 2003 with £5,000 and development was initially difficult due to poor payment terms from clients. He overcame this by installing the ventilation himself and purchasing at competitive rate. After three years, the next step was to set up his own manufacturing facility so he initially rented a unit of 4200 sq ft and purchased the machinery with the help of the bank’s support.

Success Factor

The company has grown rapidly because of the sheer determination and focus on where the founder wanted the business to be in future years; a very good client base carefully selected and only providing my services to businesses who the founder felt was capable of paying; clients keen to use services on a continuous basis due to the high standard of services provided to them.

The Future

The business has now purchased its own 14000 sq ft factory and all its machinery is now paid up in full. The future plans are to set up a stock holding and sell directly to clients and competitors.