Princes Gate Cool Water


Princes Gate recognised that a market was developing in the UK for Water Coolers with no serious players in the south Wales area. A feasibility study demonstrated that the market was potentially 8000 coolers in Wales of which the company now has a share of 5500. The major challenges encountered in the first three years were cash-flow and managing the rate at which the business was growing but this was managed through shareholder funding of business development and a DTI loan.

Success Factor

One of the main factors that led to the rapid growth of Princes Gate Cool Water Ltd was the lack of quality service offered by national competitors. Good customer care has always been a priority giving Princes Gate Cool Water Ltd a competitive edge. Where possible, the company has always used always used local suppliers and try to use in the main British built water coolers and vehicles as supporting British business has always been a priority for Princes Gate. The acquisition of competitors has enabled the company to maintain its position as the number one independent Water Cooler provider in Wales.

The Future

The company will continue to grow and diversify into different markets that are linked to the business. It is already able to provide a complete hydration service from bottled and mains fed water coolers to small retail bottles for vending. Market consolidation has to be a priority so acquisitions are always an option to grow the business and continue to be a market leader.