Orbis Education and Care


Motivation came from an acute awareness that grew into concern for the families with children diagnosed with autism, for the lack of service providers in and around Wales. As the indisputable need for specialist services to support the young people and their families transpired, so Orbis developed. The company encountered recruitment challenges but overcame these by reassessing selection processes and developing its own in-house training provision which required significant resource investment. It also strove to reach a status of an established and recognised provider. With limited history, compliance guidance and a passion and vision to share, the company worked towards patiently and diligently strengthening its networks, exceeding expectations and creating a commendable reputation.

Success Factor

As a relatively recent diagnosis, autism is now more widely recognised than ever before, consequently the interest in Orbis and its specialised service soon gathered pace from parents and social services, enabling rapid growth. The locality of both services has enabled the company to talk to local clients who had placed young people in every corner of the UK and work towards keeping them closer to their homes and families. The third attribute of Orbis that has directly contributed to its rapid growth is the environments that it offers, including the locations, physical bespoke constructions, continual innovation, professional input and education and support.

The Future

Orbis aims to continue to meet its corporate and compliance standards and strive to build upon its success with imminent plans to expand young people’s services with additional accommodation and new education facilities in Brecon. Three other sites are also being developed to provide adult services for young people from the age of 19 onwards in community based settings. The future investment in new capital building is approximately £1.6million.