Newconn Contract Services


The main motivation in starting the business is that the owner-manager had always wanted to work for himself and wanted a better standard of living and security for his family. He had identified a niche in the market vacated by his previous employer and was keen to get in first. The main challenges were getting financial support and funding in the outset and getting the company out there and establishing a customer data base which led to the creation of lasting relationships with customers, exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust. Newconn also provided customers with the highest level of quality, safety and service at a competitive price, employing the correct staff that were committed to supporting the company’s goals for excellence and motivating staff through training and development, face to face discussions, and open communication.

Success Factor

The main success factors for the company have been a sound knowledge of the industry by the managing director and key staff; commitment by all staff to provide excellent service, quality work and have a flexible approach; and tight financial control over profitability, cashflow and costs.

The Future

Newconn aims to continue to grow and provide a quality service to its customers.