Moorhouse Group


Chairman of Moorhouse, Lyndon Wood, started the company in August 1990 at the tender age of 19 years old. He initially started the business from home with little support, knowledge and funding. By starting the business at such a young age, Lyndon faced the same challenges that most do in business, such as a lack of support, cash flow issues, sole trader, no external help and lacking a business mentor. All of these issues were of course magnified further by his young age. However, as a very dynamic person, Lyndon firmly believes that it was this grounding that enabled him to become the successful businessman that he is today.

Success Factor

Moorhouse is customer centric and offers the first class service by placing the customer at the heart of every decision it makes. By always listening and reacting to the customer’s needs, Moorhouse has been able to develop an exceptional product range that is comprehensive, flexible and completely relevant. This attitude has seen Moorhouse grow its offering from public and employers’ liability insurance to include a host of other products, including van, retail and professional indemnity insurance. Moorhouse has also grown into a very competitive commercial insurance provider in the industry, and its price comparison technology on small business insurance has achieved great success. A key part of the business is the distribution of business insurance products to thousands of insurance brokers through its Xbroker platform. Distributing to other brokers creates a demanding environment and means that the firm constantly reviews its pricing, cover and internal/external systems. Finally, commitment to developing its employees is of paramount importance. Moorhouse invests heavily in its staff members to ensure that they are equipped to carry out their roles to the highest standard possible.

The Future

Moorhouse has developed a strategy that flows over a three year period which looks at how the company can best enhance today’s performance and invest in the future growth of the business. Moorhouse is fully aware of the challenges that surround every business so it can ensure that it has a proactive approach to product development, continued growth and future success whilst remaining focused on its customers, its team members and its security. Moorhouse has a distinct advantage as it has a team that are fully committed to the success of the business and plan ahead with a focused eye.