GD Environmental


At the age of 23, James Norvill identified a gap in the market for a waste management company capable of offering a "complete waste management service" under one company name. With poor service offered from many national companies including Biffa and Veoila due to large call centres communicating with regional offices, James invested in a cost effective marketing campaign to promote GD Environmental as a company that could provide a national service while offering the values of a local company that could recycle over 90% of all transferred waste. The strategy proved a big success lead to James receiving the BCC Welsh Entrepreneur of the Year Award and the Western Mail Young Business Achiever of the Year Award. The major challenges faced by James include difficulties in receiving funding without a long standing trading history when the business started; long term delays to get appropriate licenses approved for Waste Recycling Stations; setting aside financial investment to get the brand noticed.

Success Factor

The biggest event for GD in the first two years of trading has been the successful development of its waste transfer station which opened in November 2006. The £1.5m investment in the facility has enabled GD to sort and recycle over 25,000 tonnes of waste per annum with 90% of all transferred waste is recycled. This high level of recycling reduces the costs of tipping waste via landfill sites and has helped increase profits through selling and reusing valuable waste. The development of the waste transfer station has enabled the skip business to flourish in South Wales where the firm has employed 20 new staff and has helped launch its recent venture into the commercial wheelie bin hire industry. The national drive for recycling has also influenced the way in which business dispose of their waste with a greater emphasis now on recycling waste rather than cost effective waste disposal. Finally, the successful investment into marketing GD Environmental as a professional green brand which would appeal to its very diverse target market.

The Future

GD Environmental has bold plans for the future which include expanding its North East Depot to gain access to higher value contracts while also focusing resources to open new depots across South Wales to assure it remains a market leader within the wet and dry waste disposal industries. In addition to this, GD Environmental aims to become the UK’s first Carbon Positive Waste Management Company by offsetting its Carbon Footprint.