FD Systems


The business was formed by Geoff Thomas and Nigel Griffiths who had been former colleagues at Ernst and Young. From different perspectives, they had a shared belief that the IT market in 1998 was lacking professionalism form a service provider perspective. The key challenges in the early years were primarily to with track record and scale of operation, customers quite rightly wanted to see track record as did talented prospective employees. The business was fortunate to be able to leverage the reputation of its founders and secure some early prestigious contracts such as with the BBC and International Greetings plc. Once the business gathered momentum things became easier!

Success Factor

The business achieved rapid growth as a consequence of a number of interrelated factors. Technology and timing were very important, the business gaining momentum at the time of the millennium was important. The demand for technology services just before the year 2000 significantly higher than the supply of capable supplier. FD Systems was offering a new and professional offering at exactly the time when the competition was overburdened with existing contracts. In addition, FD Systems were focussed from the outset on new technology offerings from Microsoft. From the commercial perspective, the most significant factor that drove growth was the ambition of the directors to invest all the cash and profits derived from the early successes into the acquisition of businesses, customer bases and the best people available on the market.

The Future

The group currently has a turnover in the region of £13million with approximately 130 staff and has plans to fund significant growth over the next three years. The ambition is to maintain its position as the first choice supplier of Sage software in the UK and Ireland, invest further in adding value to its existing 600 customers and 5000 end users; to become the first choice supplier of Microsoft Dynamics Navision software in the UK; and establish the "Gravit-e" eCommerce platform as the platform of choice for mid-sized businesses wishing to trade online.