The main motivation behind ESL is the establishment of a sound business which could secure a track record and reputation to trade successfully at home and abroad. The main challenges are to have a solid customer base and business in the UK which would allow resources and confidence to promote the company and its services in export markets. Finally, the company needs to manage cashflow and suppliers in order that jobs could be completed to plan

Success Factor

The directors always have a hands-on role and understand the day-to-day issues which drive the business whilst recruiting and retaining individuals in key functions and being able to discuss and share views with them. The company is constantly being prepared to adapt to market conditions and sector changes, such as successfully entering the high-rise student accommodation market.

The Future

The main aims of the company are to continue the success of the last 15 years and to grow and expand the manufacturing and export business. ESL Group has continued to grow during the last 12 months as the business is in a sector which has long lead times and effect can often lag the overall economy. The major challenges are trying to keep good relationships and understanding with clients who will inevitably be feeling the effect of the economy.