The motivation for starting any business is the challenge of being able to take an idea and turn it into a reality. Often the journey is as important as the end which is why the founders have continually moved the goalposts from surviving the first years through to becoming an internationally recognized and respected company. The major challenges in the early years were gaining the credibility with major clients such as BT and Virgin Media and addressing the cash flow issues associated with sales to corporate clients.

Success Factor

The first is timing as governments and industry around the world are striving to achieve excellent, leading-edge broadband and voice communications and link this capability to socioeconomic success, Epitiro has developed an easy-to-deploy solution that independently measures the actual performance of these network services as experienced by consumers and business. Second is the firm’s unique managed service business model where clients don’t need to shell-out high capex or dedicate engineers to install and operate the firm’s network intelligence system. Finally, there is vision, with the founders aspiring to do business globally right from the start which means that the firm’s technology, business model and processes are all geared for international growth.

The Future

Epitiro is aiming to expand its footprint globally and acquire more Tier 1 clients, which means the firm will be active in more countries in the very new future. It is also expanding its technology capabilities such that it can measure the performance of emerging communicating technologies, as this is a vital step to become attractive to first-mover operators. Overall, the company will grow substantially this year as international business has performed well and because the founders have focused their business thinking and actions on products and clients that will result in success for Epitiro.