Dulas Ltd


The motivation for the business is the same today as it was in 1982, namely to intelligently use the relatively small, but free amounts of power available from renewable energy sources and to apply those to help the poorest of the poor. Clearly, Dulas has developed considerably over the last 27 years, but there is still a strong commitment to the developing world in its values. The biggest challenges faced were finding the cash to maintain what was then a very small business, the second was having to work just as hard to influence and develop a non-existent market at the same time as building capacity.

Success Factor

The key factor in the growth of the company is, without doubt, the shared commitment of the employees who are in fact the shareholders at Dulas. Their ability to work flexibly and to constantly innovate in a now very competitive market is one of the company's key strengths. Dulas has been very commercial and adept in taking advantage of relatively small, but significant market developments. These include pioneering the Environmental Impact Assessment for the purposes of making well informed planning decisions of wind farms, developing the constraints mapping approach to help guide local authorities when looking for renewable energy options in their spatial plans and being at the very forefront of grid connected photovoltaics in the UK which is now the main microgeneration technology for the built environment. Most notably, Dulas has grown the worldwide solar vaccine and blood refrigeration market and has played a major role in delivering UK governments renewable energy policy, as a framework supplier to the Low Carbon Buildings Programme. Finally, other stakeholders have played a key role with Barclays Bank proving both robust and supportive when presented with challenging but exciting propositions, and key suppliers such as LEC, Kyocera, Fronius and Optima, have entered partnerships that have allowed the company to be confident in setting ambitous plans for the UK and international markets.

The Future

Dulas has immediate plans for continued growth although it remains a secret as to how! Many pretenders are entering the field of renewable energy, especially in the field of microgeneration where the harder sales techniques deployed by competitors present a real risk