Dawnus Holdings


Dawnus was established by a team of professional engineers who, before 2002, had formed the management team for Taylor Woodrow Civil Engineering in Wales and the West of England. With Taylor Woodrow’s strategy to move away from civil engineering in the region, the Dawnus management team decided to start up their own company as they were confident they could not only plug the gap left by Taylor Woodrow but also expand to being one of the major contractors in the region. The biggest problem in establishing the company was being invited to tender for contracts which were complex enough to make maximum use of the technical abilities, which the company possessed. One of the major challenges was setting up supplier accounts although the suppliers of key materials were exceptionally supportive and made allowances for the management’s experience, but it was (and still is) difficult to get recognition from client bodies, particularly in the public sector. As a young company, Dawnus may not be able to provide a comprehensive list of contracts but the staff employed have an enviable track record in carrying out both civil engineering and building contracts.

Success Factor

The company is committed to employing its own technical staff, tradesmen and construction operatives and providing them with a long-term career in the construction industry. It trains its employees to meet industry-recognised standards which enables the firm to provide a quality civil engineering and building construction service to both Public & Private sector clients. In addition, its culture and operations are based upon a direct labour and plant philosophy which sets it apart from many of its contemporaries. The company is engineering-led, and able to meticulously plan its work and tenders, again enhancing the service to clients and quality of the finished product. All employees are multi-skilled, and able to undertake projects in both the civil engineering and building sectors, which not only increases the employees’ job satisfaction, but enables the firm to react quickly to clients’ needs.

The Future

Dawnus has established regional offices in Exeter (which services the South of England) and Bangor (which services Mid and North Wales) to widen its client base. It intends to grow by increasing its share of the market in existing areas of business, and by sequentially managing the opening of further offices along the M4 and M5 corridors.