CMC Partnership UK


The founding directors of CMC believed that they would be able to provide customers with a better service at a lower cost through a privately owned company than they had been able to deliver through a large PLC. Through their own company they could respond to customer needs with greater agility and deliver improved services by leading teams made up of consultants who they have personally selected for the quality of their work and their work ethos. It is very important for CMC that their consultants not only have the skills and experience to do the job but that they reflect the values of the company: customer first, openness, trust and respect. CMC is wholly owned by its staff which reinforces ownership of corporate values; accordingly there is a comprehensive commitment for the tight control of overheads which results in better value for money for customers. The founding directors had a desire to base the business in Wales as they had a strong track record in delivering services to Wales-based customers and of recruiting and developing Welsh talent. Setting up a business from scratch is a considerable financial challenge and all three founding directors had held well-paid positions previously and had to give up a regular income as well as the majority of their personal savings in order to finance the construction and growth of the business. Working long hours on customer assignments to generate income, offering homes as security against finance and staying awake during long evenings writing proposals to win new work bids were all challenging. The biggest challenge has been to win contracts tendered through the EU procurement process as this is the only mechanism available to win public sector business over £95k in value. The alternative was for to forever be a sub-contractor, a situation which would restrict CMC’s ability to deliver to customers as it saw fit.

Success Factor

Since its inception, CMC has experienced progressive year-on-year rapid growth and in order to ensure that the quality of its service provision was not in any way diluted, it has developed robust processes and procedures together with strong corporate governance. The three main factors that have contributed to the rapid growth of the business are customer focus, sourcing and supply chain management, and staff development. CMC always bids for work that it believes it can deliver excellently. It aims to work for customers with whom it can develop synergy based on shared values of openness, trust and respect. Its customer need is its driver and whilst it offers preferred ways of working based on best practice guidance, it is always prepared to adapt. Growth has been tough; due to the stringent conditions of the public sector procurement process it has to compete against an open market for every piece of new business. The value it has delivered to customers with whom it has won a contract has resulted in a growing number of requirements and testimonials that have made potential new customers take the company seriously. CMC does the things it is good at and does them well. CMC has established a proven recruitment process managed by highly competent, specialist staff. The same rigour is applied for all candidates, regardless of whether they are being considered for permanent or associate employment. Finally, CMC is committed to investment in staff development, for all personnel, on a continuous basis and its people learn and develop through every task they fulfil

The Future

CMC’s vision is to be the first choice supplier of change, programme and project management consultancy services to the UK Intelligence, Defence and Central, Regional and Local Government sectors. Its financial target in three years is a turnover in the order of £23m, and the company will continue to build balance sheet strength to give it the financial credibility to continually compete for larger and more complex assignments. The business strategy also focuses on developing strong relationships with other specialist businesses to allow effective partnership to the benefit of clients. The company anticipates that in three years’ time, the majority of services will be delivered to a dozen core customers with whom it will have a close working relationship. It will therefore continue to develop strong relations with core clients, ensuring that service quality and customer satisfaction remain extremely high.