Clogau Gold


In 1989, William S. Roberts was amazed to discover this mine among the beautiful Snowdonia mountains. Sadly, it had been neglected for some time but he and his family were determined to bring it back to life. His original intention was to turn it into a tourist attraction but strict planning restrictions in the Snowdonia National Park meant the idea never materialised. So he decided to re-open the mine in the hope that some gold was still left. Amazingly there was, but only enough to last about 3 years of small-scale mining. The miners who retrieved it were direct descendants of those original mid-Victorian prospectors and they amassed a small stockpile before the mine closed again in 1998. Extracting this gold used to cost as much as £1,000 per ounce, which is why only a small amount can be included in each piece. This means that Clogau Gold jewellery is not only unique but also affordable. Unfortunately, the stockpile of Welsh gold is now in rapid decline and there is only enough to last several more years until it all runs out.

Success Factor

Sales have continued to increase in 2008-9, which has been driven by relentlessly focussing on generating greater levels of brand awareness; developing a strong and dynamic product range; constantly improving the efficiency of customer service. The business has capitalised on the trend towards e-commerce through investment in web enabled points-of-sale, and intelligent supply chain software.

The Future

Clogau Gold is established as a mid/premium priced jewellery brand in the UK and is consistently ranked in the top three selling gold brands in the UK between the £150 to £500 price segment. Plans for overseas business, however, remain very much in their infancy but, over the next 12 months, Clogau will test the brand further by pushing yet further overseas. In particular, the company will access the export market through the overseas activities of existing customers and should benefit by an additional £2m annual turnover by 2012 if successful using overseas distributors. Finally, the company has invested heavily in systems and websites have been created both for end-consumers (at and for stockists (at giving access to live stock levels. The company’s ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics AX, has a CRM system within its various layers of usability and the ‘go-live’ date of the end of 2009 will enable us to service customers with far greater intensity.