Box UK


Box UK started as many companies do – with a few people who had a vision and the desire to make it happen. In the early days of Box UK, its directors were all completing their studies at the University of Cardiff. While going to university, they were also spending their evenings and weekends working to develop websites for clients. As word of mouth spread and their leading Web Content Management System began to take shape, they began to devote themselves full time to Box UK. During the first three years, the major challenges were establishing credibility, particularly given the young staff, humble offices and lack of financial history; building a reputation and strong client portfolio, especially during a period when the web wasn’t a proven medium; attracting top talent during strong growth; and generating cash-flow to cover both costs and the investment necessary for growth.

Success Factor

A continued commitment to research and development has ensured that BOX UK maintains its place among cutting-edge web companies. Already an amazing product, Box UK has continued to develop Amaxus alongside other offerings to ensure that it not only provides clients with a stable, high-end platform but that they are also using technology that allows them to be at the forefront of web standards and developments. R&D has also allowed the firm to be able to keep ahead of an ever-changing market place and has enabled it to jump into developing for platforms such as mobile. The directors are very proud of the fact that Box UK has no external investment or loan facilities, which has allowed the company to expand its product range and staff component without putting the company at risk. Finally, a focus on employing only high-calibre talent means that the company devotes more energy and time into the recruitment process than similar companies, investing significantly in order to attract and retain great people.

The Future

Box UK has assembled a highly qualified and experienced team of approximately 50 people, is consistently profitable with a positive cash flow and has a solid portfolio of clients that has been built over a sustained period of time. It plans to build on its successes to move forward in continuing to meet yearly revenue-growth targets of 20%, both through increasing existing client spend and client acquisition, and by filling roles that have been identified as being key to maintaining its growth curve and client satisfaction. It will continue to market the USPs of Amaxus, which extensive market research shows gives it a distinct and competitive advantage over other similar products and aims to increase market share in the UK by 5% through a comprehensive marketing strategy. Finally, it aims to expand to new locations, specifically in the United States and Europe and continue to make a substantial investment into Research and Development to ensure that products continue to deliver a number of USPs, meet the ever-growing expectations of clients and their customers, and allow BOX UK to attract the best talent in the web industry.