Biotec Services International


Biotec was established in 1997 in response to the growing demand for a clinical trials management service for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries.

Our main challenges when starting the business

The major challenges during the first three years were seeking potential clients, generating business and establishing the Biotec brand.

Success Factor

Rapid company growth is attributed to (a) the establishment of a dedicated business development team in 2007 which has since grown (b) the active targeting of the US market (especially the West Coast) and Biotec have been largely assisted by International Business Wales through Trade Missions and in-market consultants that have allowed the firm to increase brand recognition in North America, generate new enquires and business and to also meet current clients and generate more business from the existing customer base (c) the relocation to a new purpose built facility in 2008 which has allowed the business development team to actively market the company and seek new business due to increased capacity in terms of labelling and packaging rooms and drug storage facilities.

The Future

The main objectives for the next 3 years are to grow the business to £7m by 2012 whilst retaining profit levels; to maximise people and process efficiencies, using lean methods, and to broaden the service offering by investment in small scale manufacturing, capsule filling, bottling and over encapsulation services. This will be done by sub-contracting of services such as formulation development, large scale manufacture and analytical services to a local service provider through a referral agreement; strategic partnerships with US service providers that have clients that wish to conduct European clinical trials but do not have a European partner to facilitate the services; and expansion into new markets such as the Far East and Australia.