MSS Group


The founders wanted to put our own values and beliefs into practise and show they could create a successful company. It was important to both founders that, as far as possible, they controlled their own destiny and that they could create wealth for their families at some point in the future to reflect the support they had been given by them. They wanted to be involved in a fast growth company that would be stimulating and fun. The firm’s biggest challenge has been managing its cash-flow and ensuring the ongoing stability of the business. It has also worked hard to grow its client base and reduce dependency on any single client.

Success Factor

The close working relationship between the MSS Group and its clients and an understanding of their business needs has been a key factor in the success of the business. However, the firm has also put into place the operational capability to meet the variety of challenges that are come its way on a daily basis. This, along with the flexibility, hard work and willingness of its workforce to continually go "the extra mile", has resulted in the growth of the business.

The Future

Over the next three years, the MSS Group aims to grow its pre-tax profitability to £1,000,000 and to build its brand based on delivering reliability in an increasingly unpredictable world. Internally, the business aims to ensure that its working environment is one in which people can achieve their full potential.