Marco Cable Management


The main challenge for any start up is funding, and for a manufacturing company the initial investment requirements are huge. Fortunately the shareholders were in a position to invest a significant amount of their own money in the project. This gave reassurance to the banks and other institutions that they were serious about the business and their financial commitment was immediately obvious. Not withstanding their own capital investment, additional funds were needed and Marco gained assistance from the Welsh Assembly Government, Anglesey County Council, the Welsh Development Agency, Finance Wales and HSBC Bank all of whom have continued to support the business over the past five years. It’s a simple truth that without these external stakeholders the project could not have started Product development and design was also an important challenge. Marco engaged independent consultants to carry out in depth market research to determine what the end users sought. Once these were completed and the results analysed and reviewed, the company set about designing solutions and products to the necessary industry specifications which included the features and attributes required. Recruiting quality employees proved to be another challenge as North Wales does not have a history of quality uPVC or wire mesh cable tray manufacture. However, the company was fortunate to recruit committed and experienced people and have embarked on extensive training to ensure that the skills base of its employees is kept up to date and at the highest standard attainable.

Success Factor

Marco has experienced enormous growth in both sales and enquiries due to several factors. For example, Marco is an ISO9001:2000 accredited company as in the industry in which the company operates, all products must be of a high quality. It is also a highly regulated industry and no manufacturer can compete with products that are "just good enough". The disruptive approach to innovation does not work well in this industry. The company also prides itself on its dependability and speed, and all orders received are despatched the same day with no exceptions. This allows customers to order with confidence and to depend on Marco to satisfy their requirement on-time and in full. Members of telesales and technical staff are fully trained and able to answer all questions asked of them by customers. Finally, Marco have researched the market extensively and discovered that the biggest cost to installers is the cost of (a) being on site to do the installation work and then (b) revisiting the site to change the installation or to sort out the snagging lists. Marco’s innovative products are specifically designed to allow fast installation allowing cost and time savings for installers. For example, the unique lift-off lid on our CAT6 Trunking allows the installer to re-route the cables without removing any of the components previously installed. Marco is about to launch a range of fastfix clips and locks to further speed up installation times

The Future

Marco plans to further increase its market share and create more key accounts. There are also plans for product diversification, especially with the move towards Cat7 and fibre optic cabling solutions. Through this, the company hopes to increase local employment further and continue ‘in-house’ training in order to create a skilled labour force.