Holbrook Timber Framing


Both Directors felt that with their strong constructional background and being fully conversant with all aspects and forms of construction that they could enter the market of Timber Frame and compete strongly. The biggest challenge has been managing the inevitable constant change that takes place within a fast growing company whilst maintaining quality and timely delivery along with ongoing staff and system development. Another challenge was that the Directors were from a construction background and not manufacturing which is the primary area of the company. They therefore had to learn quickly and acclimatise themselves to the culture of the manufacturing industry.

Success Factor

The business has benefitted from repeat business from satisfied clients and Business referrals and, more importantly, the construction industry is embracing the firm’s method of construction on an increasing scale. The expansion of the management team with vast skills and knowledge has also helped focus on all areas of the business along with a committed workforce.

The Future

Its aim is to achieve consistent and considered growth over the next three years and to develop teams by introducing Investors in People and create procedures for running the business using quality systems. The company will also be exploring other opportunities in the offsite manufacturing sector of the construction industry which will compliment what it currently does.