Henstaff Construction


The primary motivation for the directors to start the business was to be masters of their own destiny having previously worked for large national contractors. The early problems were getting known, and balancing limited funds to ambitions and finding the right staff. After those early years, Henstaff has faced the usual challenge of a small growing businesses, such as allowing the owner directors sufficient time for strategic issues rather than just running the business.

Success Factor

Construction realise very much on reputation and word of mouth. Each job is different, but Henstaff tries to put the same strong emphasis on quality, programme, safety and customer care. The company has also been successful in recruiting nurturing and retaining staff who care about the same things as the founders. Henstaff has never been ‘hire and fire’ and this loyalty to its workforce is reciprocated. Finally, focusing on profitability rather than turnover, which is perhaps ironic given that this is the firm’s third time in the Fast Growth 50! It has reinvested much of its profits to enable the business to grow and handle larger projects.

The Future

Henstaff currently has a turnover of £5m and its long-term aim is to grow to £10m without compromising the emphasis on profitability. Clearly, the recent major downturn in the economy and construction in particularly has delayed this plan. The short-term aim is to regroup and ensure that they are stronger and more organised when the market improves. This will be done by increasing training and updating policies and procedures as it prepares for the inevitable upturn.