GD Environmental


According to the founder James Norvill, "I have always been inspired to make money and having seen close friends achieve their goals in life I have always wanted to aspire to be more like them. When I was a young man I used to enjoy watching Dell Boy on only fools and horses, trying to make a quick buck where possible, he has inspired me with his persistence and passion to be successful" At the age of 23 Director James Norvill had a vision to become the next "Biffa" of the Waste industry through offering all forms of waste disposal and waste management services under one company name. This would eliminate the need for site contractors to use a wide range of suppliers making sites a lot more efficient and cost effective. It was a huge success and has resulted in an increase of over 500 regular account customers in the last 18 months. James recognised that this opportunity for growth and an increased awareness around green issues in Europe would result in a market boom within our industry and consequently resulted in our phenomenal growth over the past 4 years. This success resulted in James winning the 2007 Western Mail "Young Business Achiever Award" and BCC Welsh Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2007. The major challenges in starting the business was difficulty to receive funding without a long standing trading history, long term delays to get appropriate licenses approved for Waste Disposal Sites and the challenge to set aside financial investment to get your brand noticed when you have to invest such a high level of resources into plant and personnel.

Success Factor

The rise in concern of global warming and the negative effects landfill sites have on the environmental has been a significant factor in growth as the firm operates a green operation with the intention to recycle as much waste as possible. The biggest event for GD Environmental in the past 2 years has been the successful development of its waste transfer station which opened in November 2006, which has the capacity sort and recycle 25,000 tonnes of waste per annum of which 90% is recycled. This high level of recycling reduces the costs of tipping waste via landfill sites and has increased profits through selling valuable waste on the market, particularly scrap metal. Since the site has become operational, GD Environmental has seen an increase in profits of over £1m and its dry waste services has now overtaken drainage services as our the most profitable area of the business. The development of the station has directly increased staff from 22 employees in February 2007 to 50 this year of which 15 have been employed directly by the development of the transfer station. Since GD began, it has focused on developing a professional green brand which can relate to a very diverse target market. The biggest marketing successes has been the development of the Skipcar to prove that the firm has the world’s fastest Skip Service.

The Future

GD Environmental has ambitious plans to become a national company and are actively looking to expand across Wales and the West Country. Another major innovation for GD Environmental is the construction of a £32m waste to energy plant capable of recycling all of Newport and Cardiff waste (both domestic and commercial) into renewable green energy. This will be the future of recycling in Europe abolishing the need for landfill sites and the 1st of its kind in the UK. This sort of investment is likely to put GD Environmental as a recognised national brand for waste processing and recycling, but we still wish to continue the growth of our existing services. This includes the successful completion of the Official Ryder Cup Driving Range 2010 and to expand its successful skip business into Monmouthshire and Cardiff through purchasing additional waste transfer stations. With this increased brand awareness, the company hopes to reach a minimum turnover of £15m in 2010.