Fields Group Ltd


The first company to form part of Fields Group was UK Digital Solutions Limited, which was incorporated in October 2000 and started trading in June 2001. The company originally began life as a software and web development business, but soon recognised that its unique understanding of online buyer behaviour contributed more to its customers’ fortunes than to its own. Consequently, in June 2003, the decision was taken to cease all contractual work for third party organisations and concentrate on the development of a portfolio of commercial websites for its own benefit. By October 2004 the rapidly growing ‘computer intelligence’ division of UKDS separated and began operating as a stand-alone company - Fields Associates Limited. At the same time, the ‘divorce-services’ flagship product, "Quickie-Divorce", established itself as the largest provider of family court paperwork in the UK. By June 2006, the company had successfully launched a further 15 sites in the ‘divorce’, ‘legal agreements’ and ‘document spooling’ market sectors. In each case a fulfilment function was developed to service the day-to-day needs of the given operation. Alongside this development, Fields Associates Limited has now become one the UK’s largest providers of data recovery, network security and computer forensic services

Success Factor

Firstly, Fields' innovative development of products and services, in line with the global take-up of the Internet and the demand for digital media and communications, has been a major contributor to the rapid growth of the business. Additionally, the company's commitment to Strong Management and Financial Control and clearly-defined work procedures – encompassing a UKAS accredited web-based quality management system, helping Fields Group achieve ISO 9001:2000 has also contributed significantly. Finally, Fields' skilled and innovative workforce, especially its innovative solutions, resourcefulness and idea generation, has kept it ahead of its competitors by developing new (and building and retaining its existing) customer base. Also, the Group's HR Department has always maintained a strong commitment to investing in its staff, as shown by its recent Investors in People Award.

The Future

Fields will look to consolidate around established products and services; improving quality, delivery and customer services. We hope to launch new products and services in new sectors and new geographical markets, including new online solutions and software products. Expansion will include moving into new local premises, while expanding its workforce locally and abroad.