The motivations in starting the business were initially using technology based skills which produced a customer led demand for a niche software product. In the late 1990s, the shareholders were working in an environment with super fast Internet connections and the potential was spotted for software applications using this medium. There was also the opportunity to take computer skills developed in a University setting and transferring that knowledge to devise an effective business solution in a niche market, namely providing a service to enable Estate Agents to upload information to property web Portals (such as This was followed by a customer led demand for additional functionality to enhance their effectiveness of their operations, which then resulted in requests for a more enhanced functional product. The major challenges in the first three years were the writing and development of the original core of software to produce a viable product, as well as continuing software enhancement to meet the changing needs of the customer. The business, as a new company with no track record and reputation in the market place, also had to fund the cost of financing the software development and hardware infrastructure, and get customers to adopt a software system that was internet based and not the traditional software primarily installed on the PC.

Success Factor

As with any thriving business, there is no single reason for its success. In the early years, success was measured differently to the way it is now. Having started the business, the two directors worked extremely hard to make the product known to the market, just getting that first customer was a major break through! Without the many hours of technical development and the hundreds of miles clocked driving up and down the motor way to visit potential customers, the business would simply never have gotten off the ground. As well has hard work, staff have always been a major factor in the success of Dezrez. As a company, it has been fortunate enough to employ hard working, loyal, like minded staff who have always been more than willing to take on any problems that may arise. Indeed, the first two employees of the company have both gone on to become directors. Dezrez the product is in continual development, in fact the software as it was 9 years ago would be unrecognisable to new users today. The reason it continually upgrades the software is to keep up with the needs of customers. It is this commitment to innovation and development of the system that also allows the company to stay ahead of our competitors. However, if one factor for success was to be placed ahead of any other, it would be Customer Service. From day one, friendly, efficient and effective support of the software has resulted in the company being renowned for its customer service levels. The team at Dezrez is both pro-active & reactive and continually monitors strategies that allow to accurate identification of customer needs.

The Future

Dezrez was the first successful provider of online estate agency software to the industry in 1999. With Internet based software proving to be the future in all industries, its rivals are now following its lead. It has a significant leg up on competitors in the technology and continues to push forward in all areas. Its recent success in offering a conveyancing service to customers has highlighted the potential growth estate agents can make in offering additional services to their customers. Growth is tied into customers and if they can be provided with the means to offer better and wider services to their customer base, they will grow together.