Track Safe Telecom


After working within the rail telecommunications market for 20 years, the directors left and worked for various rail based contractors. Within six months, it was apparent to the directors that they could provide superior levels of customer service and value if they set up their own company and hence Track Safe Telecom was created. Through initial market research, potential customers were prepared to offer long term contracts if the firm could prove its health and safety commitments as well as savings on their current contracts. The company spent six months setting up processes and procedures comparable with bigger contractors which set Track Safe Telecom apart from the competition.

Success Factor

In its formative years, major customers had the director’s home numbers who were on call 24/7. This provided customers with a comfort factor that their problem would receive immediate responses. The engineering workforce were very motivated and consistently delivered to budget, time and very high quality. The snagging of projects was practically zero. Customers recognised this and hence allowed them to bring services online without fear of repetitive work. The market is very fearful of risk and the firm’s systems are far in excess of other industry standards. This risk adverse strategy ensures customers are confident that bad publicity and insurance risk is reduced enormously.

The Future

The company is planning a few acquisitions which will enable it to add additional engineering functions to its portfolio. Additionally, new expertise is being introduced to the company that will allow the existing directors to focus on their core skills. The company has produced a detailed business plan that indicates substantial growth over the next three years.