Marix Drug Development


The drug development process demands adherence to the highest scientific, medical, technical and regulatory standards. Unlike the major multinational pharmaceutical companies, many small and even medium sized pharmaceutical / biotech companies lack the necessary experience, facilities and in house ‘know how’ to undertake the complex process of early stage drug development. Marix was therefore established to assist potential clients identify any unmet needs and to offer, on a contractual basis, a full range of consultancy, technical and project management services in compliance with the highest industry standards.

Success Factor

The key factors in the development of Marix are the scarcity of in depth expertise and experience in translational medicine outside the major pharmaceutical companies; the ability to provide time and cost efficient solutions to complex drug development issues, and the firm’s state of the art facilities and the reputation/track record of the Marix team.

The Future

To build on its successful and profitable growth since 2001, Marix hopes to further expand the range of services offered, mainly through diversification and partnering.