London Theatre Direct


London Theatre Direct was Started by company directors Francis Hellyer and Emmanuel Ciolfi. Francis had a background in theatre and web design and Emmanuel had been working for both the ticketing and hotel industries. It was a perfect match and the two have seen the company grow from strength to strength. Difficulties at the beginning included trying to break into an already competitive and closed market place and the continued problems with tourism in London.

Success Factor

The key factors in the growth of the company include offering good quality, competitively priced products and specialising in discounted items; ensuring the company stayed ahead of the game in a competitive, expanding and ever changing marketplace and taking full advantage of the opportunities presented by EU expansion by setting up an administration centre in the Czech Republic; and embracing fully the marketing and promotional advantages of the Internet as the main point of sale.

The Future

A considerable amount of work is out-sourced to sister companies based in the new EU member states of the Czech and Slovak Republics. This has enabled the business to cut overheads and staffing costs and expand at a faster rate than would normally be possible via operations in both Prague and Bratislava. It also allows the firm to explore these exciting emerging markets and it plans to launch similar operations catering for visitors to these countries over the course of the next few years. The past few years have been very difficult for the travel industry as a whole. There has been a considerable decline in visitors to London and the UK as a result of the terrorist atrocities in New York, London and Madrid and the consequent turmoil in the Middle East. The business has also borne the brunt of threatened pandemics such as SARS and bird flu, not to mention the mad cows! Yet, despite all these difficulties, London theatre Direct has managed to achieve growth year on year by adapting to the demands of the market as the UK becomes more and more Internet savvy and the use of new technologies enables us to simplify tasks and reach a far wider audience then ever before.