Holbrook Timber Frame


The founders understood the market they were entering and were confident that they could outperform the current players. A growing Market has given the business a great opportunity to earn an income whilst building a company with a value, although there have been many challenges along the way. These include arresting growth in an effort to maintain their quality, managing peaks and troughs in production, and trying to keep the skills of the team members in tune with the firm’s growth, especially given the need for specialised people.

Success Factor

Holbrook Timber Frame is good at what it does and outperforms its competitors in every aspect of its service. More importantly, the construction industry is embracing the firm’s method of construction on an increasing scale, and quality, skilled people have been attracted to the business.

The Future

The objective of the business is to achieve an £8 million turnover by July 2009. This will be done by developing the teams in the business by introducing Investor in People standards and creating procedures for running the business using quality systems. The firm will also be exploring other opportunities in the off site manufacturing sector of the construction industry which will compliment what it currently does.