Heron House Financial Management Ltd


HHFM was started by founder Saran Allott-Davey to address a gap in the market for ethical fee based planning with the client’s interests coming first. Saran had worked for several large institutions that stated they were offering financial planning but were really just trying to sell products. The first major hurdle to be overcome was a complete lack of available funding and withdrawal of substantial personal overdraft facilities. Another major challenge appeared to be persuading clients to pay for financial planning advice when the world seemed to be offering it for free. This challenge was readily overcome as people generally understand that the free advice on offer is rarely impartial.

Success Factor

The three main success factors for HHFM are offering a genuinely different and better service than is generally available in the market place; keeping standards high, resulting in frequent client referrals; and working hard to maintain a high profile in the media with its client and professional introducers.

The Future

HHFM aims to continue to maintain its reputation as the leading firm of fee based financial planners in South Wales. It will continue its steady sustainable growth by adding further quality advisers to the team.