Harbourmaster Hotel


Having travelled extensively in both Europe and the southern hemisphere, the owners felt that Ceredigion was lacking an establishment that offered good food, drink and accomodation in a relaxed stylish atmosphere. They wanted to get away from the mindset that you had to go to a country house to have good food. The main challenges during the first three years were numerous, not least keeping sane, driven and focused while working 18 hours a day. Staffing was, and remains, the main issue as there is a lack of local bilingual ‘industry trained’ individuals.

Success Factor

The Harbourmaster Hotel has grown because the owners spotted and filled the gap in the market for quality in a relaxed setting. This could not have been achieved without finding the staff that are motivated and who shared the vision. Most significantly, the media exposure has catapulted the growth at a rate far outstripping any of the business plans.

The Future

As well as developing and striving to improve the current business, the owners are looking for possible expansion of the brand to other sites.