Green Bay Media


Green Bay was founded in 2001 when creative directors Phil George and John Geraint relinquished senior editorial positions with the BBC in order to enjoy greater artistic freedom to return to hands-on programme-making with quality projects, to work with exciting new talent outside the confines of a large institutional hierarchy and to develop features for the cinema alongside broadcast output. After a period of rapid initial growth, turnover levelled off in year three which coincided with a significant change in the "terms of trade" between major UK broadcasters and independent companies (which means that ‘indies’ now retain the intellectual property rights in the content they create). This created long-term sustainable profit streams for large suppliers and attracted City interest. As ‘super-indies’ formed through merger and acquisition in response to the new market conditions, Green Bay found its market share vulnerable to larger London-based competitors who could devote considerable resources to project development.

Success Factor

In 2004, the founders realised that they had to put on some ‘muscle’ if they were to protect their market position and took an injection of venture capital from Finance Wales. This has enabled the business to invest heavily in development, to triple turnover and to position itself as a leading-edge entrepreneurial company which attracts tangible broadcaster support and governmental backing. The Venture Capital investment created a ‘war-chest’ of cash which has been used in development to consolidate existing broadcaster relationships, and to forge new ones within the UK and particularly internationally.

The Future

Green Bay continues to drive up turnover and invest in development for UK and international markets, consolidating the niche it has found for quality content in drama, documentary and the arts. Its first large-scale drama project – a period drama, Small Country – is being delivered in Autumn 2006 and there are a number of major documentary projects in development or pilot for European and North American channels.